About us

At Sotron, we deeply believe in the power of Information Technology as a major driver of social change and continually endeavour to create superior IT solutions that will help drive the performance of your business directly or indirectly.

For over a decade, we’ve been creating bespoke software solutions and offering consultancy services to our clients in and around London and Kent and also remotely to our national and global customers. Whereas we’re well versed in a number of systems, we specialize in Microsoft Technologies, JavaScript Frameworks and Cloud-based Platforms. We’re deeply committed to making your life easier whether that’s improving your business processes or expanding your global reach. For that, we’d love to take on projects that challenge us to excel ourselves.

During a project’s life cycle, we collaborate with you and rely on the methodologies that are best suited for you in managing our projects as it enables us to pay close attention to the minutest details that make up the big picture to provide you with a comprehensive solution. Because we bring openness and transparency into each project, you will enjoy the freedom to develop and make changes even after we’ve signed off on it.

We foster a culture of learning and collaboration which makes us a unique player. In our pursuit of perfection, this is a significant advantage for us. Needless to say, as our clients, you’ll hugely
benefit from it.

Get in touch with us and see how Sotron can help your business with our IT Solutions.