Software and Consulting

Making sure you and your team are fully equipped to offer great service to your clients is at the forefront of every business owner and manager’s mind. With technology and its capabilities advancing and evolving at hurtling speeds, we’re here to hold your hand through every system integration and major software development. Providing consultation services to teams of all sizes in London, surrounding areas and Kent; as well as remotely to global enterprises, we’ll take the stress out of using your chosen system and software.

Using an Agile methodology, we will:

  • Ensure smooth transitioning of your Workflow management system.
  • Provide solid system integration and Introduce you to cloud based services.
  • Create bespoke softwares for daily interactions and transactions.
  • Develop software for efficiency and ease of use.
  • Work with your team to increase knowledge, develop skills and enhance their ability to problem solve and troubleshoot applications and conflicts.

How We Work

Our consultations services range from giving one off talks to being on hand to run workshops and short-term group and individual training programs. Our expertise will ensure everyone’s capabilities are heightened, whether you’re introducing a particular coding-development or need to up-skill your entire workforce.

Hiccups and system stalling is every business’s worst nightmare, money and time gets lost while thumbs are twiddled and customer’s frustrations reach boiling point. With Sotron’s tight knit team consulting your organisation, your employees and associates will be best equipped to handle any technological tensions and system updates.

Get in touch if you want to ensure the highest quality of service is delivered to your customers; after all how can you provide the best if your team aren’t trained to be their best?